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Instead of having someone else write this, who best to tell you about me than me?

I am just like you. I just want to live a great life. I wanted a life full of giving & receiving love, family, & meaning. I didn’t want to live and die and no one take notice. I wanted my life and the lives of my children to matter. Sounds just like you right?

How would I ever get there? That’s where God comes in.

After many years of running to the aid of my friends and family members who were in crisis, I noticed that I had a heart and passion for it and was really good at it. It felt natural for me to meet people in the midst of their crisis and help them to use their crisis to heal or help others heal using the Word of God as the tool it was meant to be.

As a mother living in North Philly, I’ve fought hard to raise my children so they would have the skills to escape the pitfalls of life in inner city America. My own life has been a testament to God and how living an obedient life is an intricate part of winning every battle in life.

God has called me to help others in the inner cities, churches and the marketplace. My obedience to God in following this path has taken me places that my two degrees could never have anticipated! I’ve helped mothers bury their babies and picked her up off the floor when she was too weak to live. I’ve helped Pastors restore the joy and love for their ministries, and my own family members understand and survive our own tragedies that could have crippled and ruined us as Satan designed it to do.

My voice is real, it ministers in love, but in God’s truth! People call me “real”, but that’s because my obedience to God allows Him to use my heart and my voice to save or help restore lives.

So to put it simply, I am a strong, educated, black Woman of God from North Philly who has two college degrees, many years of spiritual training & practice, who helps God save lives! (And I’m damn good at it too!) I have learned the true way to God’s power is thru obedience. And I just want to complete my job on earth by showing you how to do what I know will bring God’s power into your lives in ways that will blow your mind and revolutionize your life!

Why Start RLIM/WDW/RLCDC? Because God told me to! I truly believe that God was tired of me complaining about the problems that I saw in the church. I was frustrated that there are so many powerless and helpless Christians that the church wasn’t doing much of anything to change that. So God used me to create a platform to educate, empower, and help people become free and powerful Christians! My organizations will help each person depending on their need, get and use the information needed to transform their lives.


Clarence Sellers Jr.
Kisha White
Pastor Karen Nichols
Malachi Moore

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We help people discover, develop & use the freedom & power the Word of God brings to our lives in order to help Him solve various problems on the earth, not only for others, but for ourselves too! It’s time to finally break free from EVERYTHING that’s been holding you back! Take off ALL your masks so you can position yourself on the path God has destined just for you!

So, it would be an honor to assist you and/or your organization in any way that we can. Please reach out to us via our Contact Page if you have any questions or need additional information. We so look forward to hearing from you.