Is It Time For You To Reboot?

Time to RebootIs it time for you to reboot?  Where are you with the goals you set for yourself at the beginning a year?  We’re currently at half time, so what’s up with you?   Half the year is already gone, so what have you done for yourself lately?

So take out your goal sheet & your measuring stick and let’s take a look.  If you’ve been making good progress so far this year, you should have completed at least two out of the five goals/tasks you listed on your goal sheet.  Reward yourself with that already predetermined treat for your hard successful work!  You deserve it & you should be proud of the work you’ve done so for!  Enjoy!

Now, in order for you to defend the ground you’ve gained, sit down with God so He can help you uncover new goals to take the place of the goals you’ve completed and get back to work.  You don’t need to reboot.

However, if you’re sitting there looking at your goal sheet and see you haven’t completed any of your goals this year, do not fret.  You need to reboot now!  But don’t get mad or let demons for frustration in!  You do still have time but you need to get moving ASAP!  Pull out some paper and a pen and let me help you get started.  Answer these questions for me please.  What has been your biggest problem or challenge?  What is that thing that keeps you from moving forward?  What’s your biggest distraction?  Your answers will reveal the enemies at work against you.  For example, fear, insecurity, laziness, procrastination, and rejection are all great examples of the spirits/demons working against you.  Take the necessary time to identify what’s holding you back so your next plan of action will work!

Time to RebootWhatever/whoever they are, let’s face these things again, but this time you will have the advantage!  I know you’ve fought these things before but always lost, so how and why would this time be any different?  The power is in how you reboot.  I asked the same thing when I first learned this, but it worked for me & so many others before me and it will work for you too!  But you have to get off your butt and get moving.  Let’s start with an example from the bible.

Have you ever heard of a woman named Rahab?  She’s mentioned in the bible in at least four different books! Not many people with the exception of Jesus can say that.  Her story is found in Joshua 2:1.  To read it click here. The reason I love her is because she is like many of us.  She looked up one day and found herself in a job she hated and never planned on doing.  Are you currently in a job you hate and didn’t plan on doing?  I’ve had my share of those.  When she dreamed, as a child, of what she wanted for her life I know she never dreamed of being a whore when she grew up.  Rahab was a hooker.  Rahab was a prostitute & she ran her business out of her own home.  Just so you get the proper context, she lived in a time much different from ours.  Her choice of professions made her a even more of a disgrace to her family than she would be in this day & time.  Also did I mention that her family lived in the same town, so you know they knew all about it?  And what they didn’t know, you know, the nosey neighbors made it their business to fill in any blanks!  So you know Rahab needed a reboot in the worse way!

You made a lot of promises to yourself at the beginning of the year, but, how close are you with the fulfillment of those promises?  Are your choices making you & your family proud?  Many of us find ourselves in places doing things just to pay the rent or just to feed your kids, etc.  God knew that, that’s why He sent you an out.  And Rahab recognized hers!  She hid two of God’s men from her city’s police because she recognized that God was sending her a way out of her current situation.  And in a bold, courageous act of love, she not only asked for her life to be spared, but she asked for the same blessing for her family: the same family who were disgusted & embarrassed by her professional choice.

But Rahab had heard stories of this God, His miracles of love and His wrath when you disobeyed.   So she took the leap of faith and made the best choice by believing in this God.  In her wildest dreams she could have never ever dreamed of the great things God had in store for her just because she believed Him and obeyed Him.

Now this is where the story gets good, not only did God keep his word by sparing her life and the lives of her family when the city was destroyed, but Rahab eventually married one of the two men she hid for God from the police.  That positioned her to be a part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ!  Holla!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Did I mention that her husband was rich too!  She would never ever have to sell her body again!  When God frees you from something you are free for real!  Don’t you want a reboot like that?

Time to RebootSo no matter where you currently find yourself this year, you still have plenty of time to take the next necessary bold leaps of faith to re-position yourself to walk into your own greatness!

So if it’s time for you to do a reboot, hit the reboot button now! Take God’s arm & let Him lead you to your way out!