• 15 May 2014

    Fun – Are You Having Any?

    Fun as I was growing up, being forced by my mother to go to church was never really fun. As a kid, I liked Sunday school, but I remember the lessons being the “fire and brimstone” type. Even as a child, I could see the oppression it left on the heads of the people.

    Centered around our ability to keep all the rules, we were taught that we could have fun when we got to heaven. On earth, it was our religious duty to please God by following all of these rules.  And if we missed even one, we would end up in hell with Satan and all his demons.  I didn’t want to go to hell, but I also didn’t like that all of the … Continue reading

  • 11 May 2014

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to a ALL mothers and potential mother’s!

    As I sit here thinking about this day, of course my own mother Dorothy McCall comes to mind.  She has graduated and gone home to heaven so I won’t be able to spend this day with her, but I will be thinking of her and all that she’s done for me all day long.

    My mother was born in the 1960’s, so her childhood was so different from my own.  She made sure of it. When my mother was a child, woman didn’t have a voice and because her mother died in childbirth, my mother didn’t have her mother to raise her.  So, she did whatever she felt she could to make sure that my sister and … Continue reading

  • 06 May 2014

    Pharrell is Happy – How bout you?

    As I think about Pharrell’s Happy song and the popularity of this song – I know you’ve heard it so much by now that you’re singing and dancing along. (smile) I know I am singing and dancing to it and I know most of the chorus by heart. I liked the music and beat from the first day I heard it, but they play the happy song everywhere I go and I was beginning to get tired of hearing it.  So as I was driving and the happy song played on the radio once again. I listened closely to the words and realized that the concept was really simple!

    Pharrell tells us over and over that he’s “happy”, then Pharrell tells us how “happy” he is. … Continue reading

  • 23 Apr 2014

    POWER & Life Group 3

    If you don’t already belong to a “Life Group”, then you should try to find a good one.  Ask God and He’ll direct you to one.  We would love for you to try ours to get a firsthand feel for what it’s all about.  It’s the quickest way to connect with people who believe and want the same things as you do.

    Churches use life or cell groups in order to stay connected to its congregation; to effectively know what’s going on with its members so that they can serve them more efficiently. For example, let’s say someone needs food, but doesn’t really know anyone at the church and they find their situation embarrassing and are fearful of speaking out. By the time someone finds out, … Continue reading

  • 13 Mar 2014

    ALC Life Groups Rocks!

    [metaslider id=”260″]    
    Last Tuesday night (March 11th) was our first Authentic Life Church’s  (ALC) Life Group meeting! Yeah!
    We launched 4 separate meetings across the city in various locations. Our church is only 5 months old and it’s amazing to see how it’s growing! Our God is faithful. Our meeting was held in a room the church rented at a CDC facility in our community.

    But, what’s a Life Group? A Life Group is a small group of people who gather regularly to support each other and enjoy common interests. They are known by various names: Growth groups, Connect Groups, Core Groups, Cell Groups, Home Groups or Fellowship Groups.  You may know them by one of those names.

    Christian Churches use these groups to not only teach the … Continue reading

  • 09 Mar 2014

    Son of God! – The Movie

    Go see this movie! I know you’ve seen Jesus movies before, and I know you know the story, but this time it’s being told by members of our kingdom family. So we need to support that so we can continue to tell the stories God wants us to tell and the world needs to see.
    I saw this movie a week ago with my Authentic Life Church (ALC) family and we really enjoyed seeing it with each other. However, I really don’t like watching the crucifixion scenes because I get angry when they torture Jesus, but so grateful at His resurrection. It’s a big emotional ride for me! This time was no different with one exception. During the crucifixion scenes, I asked God if I could … Continue reading

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