• 26 Feb 2015

    It’s Our Birthday – Happy Birthday To Us!!!!

    Happy birthday to WorkDatWord!  Thank you Jesus!  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we started this site.  As they say, time sure fly’s when you’re having fun. LOL.

    This would not have been possible without God and His pushing me into what He had planned for my life.  You see, I had my own plan for my life but this was not in my plan.  I’m so glad that I obeyed Him!  God told me what to do, how to do it & helped every step of the way & we are both proud of the outcome!  Happy birthday to Us!

    I also want to say “thanks so much” to our faithful readers & supporters!  We have had great responses & support from all … Continue reading

  • 09 Sep 2014

    Great News!!!!!!

    Dear Family & Friends,

    As you may already know, in order fulfill the purpose of God on my life, God has directed me into full time ministry. Out of that direction, Real Life International Ministries (RLIM) has been born, yeah!  This is an amazing opportunity for Bruce and I to step out on faith to start this new ministry.  This is not a church, (we have enough of them), but a people/community based ministry.  Our goal is to bring God into the lives of people in a more direct & dynamic manner.

    Vision – To see the transformational power of God in the daily lives of people.
    Mission – To use our ministry programs to connect people to God on a practical, personal level.
    Impact – In direct response … Continue reading

  • 23 Apr 2014

    POWER & Life Group 3

    If you don’t already belong to a “Life Group”, then you should try to find a good one.  Ask God and He’ll direct you to one.  We would love for you to try ours to get a firsthand feel for what it’s all about.  It’s the quickest way to connect with people who believe and want the same things as you do.

    Churches use life or cell groups in order to stay connected to its congregation; to effectively know what’s going on with its members so that they can serve them more efficiently. For example, let’s say someone needs food, but doesn’t really know anyone at the church and they find their situation embarrassing and are fearful of speaking out. By the time someone finds out, … Continue reading

  • 13 Mar 2014

    ALC Life Groups Rocks!

    [metaslider id=”260″]    
    Last Tuesday night (March 11th) was our first Authentic Life Church’s  (ALC) Life Group meeting! Yeah!
    We launched 4 separate meetings across the city in various locations. Our church is only 5 months old and it’s amazing to see how it’s growing! Our God is faithful. Our meeting was held in a room the church rented at a CDC facility in our community.

    But, what’s a Life Group? A Life Group is a small group of people who gather regularly to support each other and enjoy common interests. They are known by various names: Growth groups, Connect Groups, Core Groups, Cell Groups, Home Groups or Fellowship Groups.  You may know them by one of those names.

    Christian Churches use these groups to not only teach the … Continue reading

  • 28 Feb 2014

    Breaking News!!!

    Breaking News!:
    This is the official announcement of our ministry website. As you can see its called “WorkDatWord”. Yeah!!!!!

    The name helps explain what we do. We assist people in breaking free using the Word of God as we get God involved in your everyday life.  People have real life issues – like lack of jobs, money, emotional issues, health issues and if you know like I do, just going the church on Sunday is not enough. People need a confidential place to deal with their issues that’s effective & powerful. They also need a place to develop their spirits as they discover their purpose and God’s specific plan for their lives. While you’re out saving the world, who’s saving you?

    So please help me put the word out about … Continue reading

  • 05 Feb 2014

    Welcome to WorkDatWord!!!!

    This is the place designed & created to help you bring a real God to your real life!

    You’ve got bills right? God wants them paid in full!

    Need a better job or get a job, God wants that for you too!

    Looking for someone to love? God does not want you to be alone.

    Psalms 37:4 (amp):

    Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.

    You’ve got big dreams, right? or at least you had some. Who do you think gave them to you? God did because He has great plans for your life.

    He loves you and is concerned about everything that concerns you! He wants your life to be fun, exciting & powerful – everything you want it to be and so much more!

    So whatever challenges … Continue reading

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