• 26 May 2016

    What Brings You Joy?

    What brings you joy?  Do you even have time to sit down and think about it?  Our days are filled with all the things we have to do in order to be responsible adults, but when do you get to take the time to just do the things (at least one of the things) that brings you joy?

    There are some things or moments that happened during the course of time that make us smile and make us happy in that moment, but when that moment passes haven’t you noticed that the “happy” feeling is gone too?  I know right!  But I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about “joy”.  I’m talking about the feeling of peace, comfort & security that we derive from something that … Continue reading

  • 17 Mar 2016

    Bone Breaking Pressure – The Art Of Pressing Through!

    Have you ever been in a situation that bought with it the kind of pressure that can break bones? The kind of pressure that’s so intense you think it will crush you?  If you’ve been on this planet more than a minute you’ve probably been through something that was not pleasant. That’s typical life stuff.  I’m not talking about just having a bad day.  I’m not talking about stubbing your toe or waking up late or a flat tire. I’m talking about the kind of situation where the pain & pressure are so massive that giving up or dying sound like a much better option than where you and what you’re going through.  I’m talking about the kind of pressure that makes you feel like … Continue reading

  • 17 Dec 2015

    Merry Christmas To You & Thank You Jesus!

    It’s less than two weeks before Christmas and I’m taking a break in my workday to eat and to reflect.   I haven’t bought one Christmas gift and I still have plenty of work to do this week.   As I was talking to God about the best way to get it all done this feeling came over me.   It’s the same feeling that has been intensifying for the last two months now.   It’s an immense feeling of gratitude!  Merry Christmas & Thank You Jesus!

    There are so many things still undone in my life.   Still so many problems I want God  & I to solve & fix!   So many things I still want & need.   So many things I still want to do.   So many people I … Continue reading

  • 23 Aug 2015

    Why Should I Go To Church?

    Why should you go to church?  People go to church for many reasons.  Some go because their parents or grandparents made them go and took them to church as kids, so now going to church has just become a habit.  They know most of the people that attend their church and it’s become a place just to hang out.  Some people go to church to fulfill some religious obligation that they think will satisfy God, other people, themselves, parents, etc.  Some people go to church to fulfill or relieve a sense of guilt; they sin all week and want to make it right on Sunday!  Some people go to church for its feel-good features – the music sounds good, or you like the charisma of … Continue reading

  • 02 Jul 2015

    The Power of Forgiveness!

    People don’t seem to really understand forgiveness, its true meaning or its power. There is great power available in the art of forgiveness, but let’s start with your definition.  For some reason, we believe that forgiveness means “it was okay” what was done to us.  Nothing could be further from the truth

    Forgiveness is simply the process of allowing yourself to let go of and release all the feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment, toward someone for any and all offenses, flaws or mistakes that they have made.  I know this is easier said than done.  People are capable of some horrifying things!  Keep reading and you’ll see how important it is that you engage in this process.

    In order to help this process along, an assessment … Continue reading

  • 18 Jun 2015

    Spring is Here…..But Are You Blooming?

    Now that the weather is changing and spring is here, the flowers are blooming but are you blooming too?

    During the winter when the temperature is cold animals hibernate and we kinda do too. During this time there is a lot less movement.  During the winter since everything slows down so it’s a great time to reset and regroup. It’s the same with people. The cold deters people from getting out as much and when they are outside they don’t stay out any longer than they have to.

    But as soon as it looks like the weather is breaking and its warm outside, even if it’s only for one day, people just like nature spring into bloom.  You’ve seen it!   On the first warm day folks run … Continue reading

  • 18 Mar 2015

    The Art of Being A Better You!

    Isn’t that our goal in life; to be a better you?  Don’t we try everyday to be better today than we were the day before?  If that isn’t the goal, shouldn’t it be?

    As we enter into this year’s Resurrection season, it’s a great time to evaluate & take a look at what being connected to God is really bringing to your life.  Can you measure the positive change & progression in your daily life? Why be & promote Christianity if we don’t know its benefits to us?  What has it done for you lately, lol?

    We’ve all heard & seen the story of Jesus’ Resurrection so you can google the details of His crucifixion to see how horrible that was & the proof that it really … Continue reading

  • 11 Jan 2015

    Make It A Great New Year – Let God Help!

    Ok, the New Year has begun & the standard stuff is in full effect.  Folks are making all types of New Year’s resolutions & all kinds of promises, to themselves & to others that they know they will never keep.  All of us know that, but yet we continue to do it, right?  Sounds like insanity to me (smile), to keep doing the same thing over & over expecting the results to be different even though they never are. Shouldn’t we know better than that by now?

    In my last post, I gave you some tips to help you in evaluating & cleaning up your 2014 stuff, thus clearing a distinct path for your 2015.  Did you take advantage of it?  Did you answer all the … Continue reading

  • 22 Oct 2014

    How To Conquer The Demon of Fear!

    All of us have had some run-ins with the demon of fear, but so you know what to do when the demon of fear attacks you?

    Let’s talk about three different kinds of fear.

    The first type of fear would be considered the good or beneficial type.  This kind of fear protects us.  For example: not running a red traffic light even though you’re in a hurry; not jumping off a building thinking you just might be able to fly; not hitting someone even though you’re mad at them because you don’t want to get hit back; not committing a crime because you fear going to jail, etc. So even though you are tempted to do something, this kind of fear speaks caution to us to keep … Continue reading

  • 18 Sep 2014

    What Cha Doin With Your Faith?

    What cha doin with your faith?  The Bible tells us at the end of Romans 12:3 (amp); … but to rate his ability with sober judgment, each according to the degree of faith apportioned by God to him; that God has given us all some measure of faith, so we know that everyone has some. So what are you going with the faith God gave you?

    Let’s first get the basic definition of faith.  The dictionary tells us that faith is a “a complete trust or confidence in someone or something”.  Sounds simple, right?  The Bible tells us in Hebrews 11:1 (amp); Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, [a]the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction … Continue reading

  • 30 Jul 2014

    What’s Your Problem with Submission?

    What’s your problem with submission? Why do people make such a big deal about it?

    Ever since I was a young girl I’ve heard people, both men & women, talk about submission, but each side had a radically different take on it. So, let’s start with the biblical definition of the word submission and how it was used.

    That’s probably the first problem with the word submission, most people have been using the definitions of others as their own instead of going to God.

    Here we go.  In the New Testament where the word “submit” is used, it’s translated from the Greek word “hupotasso”.  The “huppo” part means “under” & the “tasso” part means “to arrange”.  This word & its root are also translated by the words “subject” … Continue reading

  • 25 Jun 2014

    Laugh It Up! – It’s More Important Than Your Think!

    How much do you laugh?  Did you know you can use laughter as a weapon?  I know you’re wondering how & why, so let’s talk about it.

    The answer to the above questions can be found in the bible where God instructs us to focus on positive things in Philippians 4:8 (amp); For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them].  God tells us to do that because He knows that whatever you are focusing on will grow in our spiritual eyes.  Haven’t you noticed that when … Continue reading

  • 21 Jun 2014

    Are Demons Real? The Answer May Surprise You!

    Are demons real, do they really exist?  Of course they do, the bible tells us that Jesus had dealings with them.  People came to Jesus asking him to cast demons out of them or out of people they knew as in Matthew 8:16 (cev); that evening many people with demons in them were brought to Jesus.   And with only a word he forced out the evil spirits and healed everyone who was sick.  This scripture also proves that not only do demons exist, but they also possess & oppress people. 

    There are many kinds of demons that do many kinds of things to influence & control us & the things we do.  Have you ever heard of the saying “the devil made me do it”?  People … Continue reading

  • 17 Jun 2014

    Prayers – Are Yours Being Answered?

    I know as Christians, we are told we have to pray.  We’re told we have to have a good, strong prayer life.  But how do you know if you doing it right?  Have all your prayers been answered already?

    I remember many years ago sitting in church listening to a guest speaker.  He asked us if all of our prayers have been answered.  He then went on to say that God wants to give us all the things we ask Him for.  That was a surprise to me because when I thought about it, all of my prayers had not be answered.  Up until that point I just thought that if you got what you prayed for then God was saying “yes” but if you didn’t … Continue reading

  • 20 May 2014

    Free Your Mind & _____ Will Follow!

    How would you fill in the blank?  When I hear the words “free your mind”, many things come to my mind. But, the first thing that comes to mind is the song made famous by En Vogue.  The lyrics of the song speak about prejudice in its many forms and the bondage that mindset causes.

    When I hear the song, I do agree that pre-judging anyone is wrong, but how many of us are honest enough to admit that we pre-judge ourselves, too?  That’s why we do it to others!  That demon tempts us to look down on others so we feel better about ourselves.  For example, “her butt is sooo big” – when we say that what we really mean is “her butt is sooo … Continue reading

  • 09 May 2014

    What About Your Soul?

    What about your soul?  In my “Hang On” post, I spoke about our 3 boxes – flesh, spirit and soul.  We attend church to feed our spirits, we know that we should not listen to our flesh, but what are we doing to care of and develop, nurture and heal our souls? In this day and age, we live such fast-paced lives. And this can cause us to miss some really important things in our lives. In addition to that, we put others – almost everybody before ourselves and when we run out of time in the day, month and then the year, we still have not done the things we wanted to do for ourselves. Then time continues on and over time we get … Continue reading

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