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I am Pastor Karen Nichols, founder of Real Life International Ministries (RLIM) in Philadelphia, PA. WorkDatWord is a part of our Online Life Support Division. RLIM offers support to many churches, organizations & individual people in our community. We do that by bringing God into the daily lives of people in a tangible & measurable way. We introduce God to those who don’t know Him & for those who already know God, we help them take their relationship with God to deeper levels; first in our city, & now the world! Come join us!

Our goal at RLIM & WDW is to help free people from the things that hold them back, so they can take the Word of God & simply & easily apply it to their everyday lives. We all have life challenges, but many of us do not have a confidential place to go where we can be honest about our struggles and still be covered, loved, supported and not judged. We assist in bringing deliverance in every area of life & ministry.

WDW is the Best Online Resource for Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Life Support!

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